New Additions to the Menagerie!!

Well, folks, it’s been a busy week here in Lutz. First, we found a little black kitty slinking around in our back yard and proceded to check her out. This poor girl was the skinniest, most malnourished animal we had ever seen, so, of course, we took her in and so far she is doing great–packing on some pounds and purring her little heart out, disease free. Nice. We call her Slinky.

Next, we met a couple of buns at PetCo–a fixed male and a female rescued from a horrible owner. Turns out this ‘fixed’ male had, uh, his goodies still intact, and the female appeared to be pregnant. So now we have these two buns at the menagerie, and may be heading toward the miracle of bunny birth, we’ll see!! The male we named Bowie because of his two different colored eyes, and we just call the female Baby Mama for now… Here they are!!

And, for all you Flight of the Conchords fans out there, may we present: Bowie in Space!
Are you feeling groovy, Bowie??

Are you feeling groovy, Bowie??


~ by Rescue Guy on September 2, 2009.

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