Another goose-napping breaks neighbors’ hearts

Where's my Squiggy, you jerk?

Where's my Squiggy, you jerk?

This story from the St. Pete Times is a must read, folks.  Seems some punk from Palmetto County has been stealing geese and ducks from Crescent Lake and other communities, and selling them to Asian restaurants. Now, this raises a couple of questions for me:

1) Why was this little jerk acquitted in the first place? and

2) Why should we ever eat in Asian restaurants that serve duck, knowing that this type of practice is common?

So, next time you go into an Asian restaurant, ask to see the manager or the owner if duck is on the menu. Ask him or her what their policy is, and, if they are cagey at all–ban the place and tell all your friends and family. This type of stuff is simply unacceptable.

I hope this goose-napping clown gets what he deserves; because if he can do this to animals, it won’t be long until he does it to human beings. 

UPDATE!!  Turns out—-big shocker here—-that Austin Corely also has an arrest for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. So, again I ask, why does this jerk keep getting acquitted? Anyone who lives near 27th Ct E. in Parrish Florida should ask him that…

C’mon, everyone, tell those Asian and other stores, markets and restaurants what you think of killing neighborhood animals for food. And if you see this idiot:

I am a wiener

Not only tell him what you think of him, but also ask him why he needs to dress like a Romulan. Doofus. Oh, and this is an actual quote from Corely: “They’re nobody’s ducks,” he says. “It’s not goosenapping.”


~ by Rescue Guy on August 5, 2009.

One Response to “Another goose-napping breaks neighbors’ hearts”

  1. this is so horrible! One word for you Mr. Corely– KARMA.

    When this guy inevitably get to hell, I hope that there’s a little devil duck there to poke him with a pitchfork for eternity!

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