A Chat With Big Jake

I'm simply the best...adopt me, won't you?

I'm simply the best...adopt me, won't you?

Hi everybody, Jake here. Now look, I hate to say this, but it just needs to be put out there: I am the greatest cat ever, and I can’t believe that no one wants me. Sure, those little kittens that got adopted are great and all, but, pound for pound, you gotta know that I am the best bet for a lifetime of fun and loving snuggles.

True, I seem to have lost my girlish figure, and I have what has been churlishly called a jelly belly. But, hey,  I can jump higher than all my foster sisters, I purr like a wildman whenever hoomins enter the room, and I just love to curl up next to you and snuggle. So, c’mon folks, quit looking at all those sweet little kittens and check me out. Cos, you know, those sweet kittens might grow up to be jerks–and here I am, all growed up and cool as a polar bear’s cuke.

How about it, lonely people? Want to wallow in mediocrity, or hang with the champ? The choice, as always, is yours.

Thank you for joining me in this week’s Chat With Big Jake. See you next week!


~ by Rescue Guy on July 23, 2009.

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