We’re Famous…Daily Bunny Famous :)

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Check out our little babies on the Daily Bunny website! We made the Christmas Day post 🙂 Yay!! Thanks DailyBunny.com!


More Idiot Dog Breeders! Arrrrgh!!

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I hope these poor little pups find a good home. Please think Rescue first, everybody!! Story from the St. Pete Times.

Holiday Greetings from the Menagerie!!!

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Little Leelu  wants you all to have a wonderful holiday season!!

Won't you join me by the fire??

It’s been one of those weeks, folks…

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Stoopid Holimadays make me angry...

Awesome Hallowe’en Idea — Zombie Bunny!!

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Bwaiiiiins and Wettuce!!

Bwaiiiiins and Wettuce!!

There’s still time to bid on this fluffy little horror on ebay! C’mon, you know you want it 🙂

Enter: The Moose!!

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Meet the newest member of the Menagerie: Moose! This extremely handsome young buck was surrendered due to owner’s allergies, and needs to find his forever home! He is cuddly, sweet, and unfazed by other rabbits, cats or dogs. He will gladly plop on your lap and snuggle all night! We believe him to be a purebred Harlequin, but we can’t be absolutely sure…

“They’re Killer Rabbits, Man…”

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Killer Rabbits!!

Killer Rabbits!!


OK, you will have to read this one to believe it. Seems that these rabbits don’t like snakes very much, or enjoy the way they taste–one or the other!!